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War Makes Men of Boys

TAMU Press, 2012

Millions of young men have come of age in combat. This is story of one of them, my father, who served on critical battlefronts during WWII. Based daily letters family archives, and sociological research, War Makes Men of Boys tells how, at a critical point in history, both a nation and a boy grew up.



Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes

Cengage, 2017

Stress and burnout. Conflict. Technology. Diversity. These are just a few of the challenges explored in Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes. Now in its seventh edition, this textbook provides insight from theory and research about how the dynamic process of communication works in today’s organizations.


Communication Theories

McGraw-Hill, 2004

Communication Theories (2nd Edition) provides a comprehensive discussion of influential theories of communication. Students learn how these theories fit into the broad scheme of social inquiry and now they can illuminate the challenges of both interpersonal and public life.

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